CoolKote & Polycarbonate Solutions

Your conservatory is a very effective heat trap…

The same could be said of rooflights in factories. As the sun blazes down on the roof, the temperature goes through it! In recent summers mid-afternoon heat can be unbearable for you, your family or staff and even your plants!

No effective answer to the stifling heat build-up…

Until now, there was no effective solution to this problem. Roller and pleated roof blinds provide shade, but can attract dust and insects, and are difficult to clean, whilst the heat still penetrates the fabric, which then filters through to the interior.

CoolKote… How it works

CoolKote is a high-performance metalized PVC coating, which when applied to polycarbonate or glass roofs prevents heat building up simply by reflecting the suns heat away before it can be transmitted inside. Glare is also significantly reduced, enabling reading, watching TV, working- or just relaxing!

CoolKote… solves problems

You will benefit from an immediate reduction in internal daytime temperatures and less glare, whilst an ultra-violet barrier helps prevent fading and sun damage to furnishings. CoolKote is inexpensive, effective and is applied quickly, cleanly and with the minimum of disruption to your existing polycarbonate or glass roof by members of a national network of highly trained professional installers.

CoolKote – reduces heat build-up in 
conservatories and industrial premises…

  • For use on polycarbonate and glass
  • Ultra-violet barrier- helps prevent fading and sun damage to furnishings
  • Reduces glare- to add even more comfort
  • Unique high-performance metalized PVC coating for roofs and rooflights
  • Less expensive and more effective than blinds
  • Clean and quick installation with a minimum of disruption and no maintenance
  • Up to 10 years warranty

Safety Window Films

Safety Window Films

Sunshield Installations supply and install all grades of safety window films to your existing glass. Unsafe glass can be fragile and potentially dangerous material.

If glass is broken, the sharp shards of glass can cause serious injury. Safety window films can help to minimise this risk. It is a legal safety requirement that certain areas of public buildings, including the workplace and schools, must meet a minimum safety standard. These are known as Critical Locations.

If your windows and doors are not made from laminated or toughened glass, it either needs to be replaced or it needs to have one of our safety window films applied. Having window films applied is much cheaper and faster than replacement glass. Once professionally installed by our trained fitters, the safety window film uprades the glass to BS EN 12600 – previously BS6206.

Critical Locations

Critical Locations that need to have a safety window film applied are any glass in doors or side panels up to 1500mm from the floor and any other low level glass that fall within 800mm from the floor. If any part of the glass falls within these areas, window film needs to be applied to the whole of the pane.

Security Window Films

Security Window Films

Glass is one of the weakest points of a building, vulnerable to burglars and vandals, and even storm damage. Tough and tested film creates an invisible barrier holding glass in place, delaying the ability to get through and also minimize the hazards and damage caused by flying glass. All our security window films meet the requirements laid out in EN356-P2A and UL972 (Burglary Resisting Glazing Materials) safety accreditations. With No Bar™ and Clear Bar™ we have a range of frame edge retention systems to increase security in your building.

Glare Reduction Window Films

Glare Reduction Window Films

With an ever increasing number of pc monitors and television screens, glare is another major problem in the modern world.

Installing solar film can reduce this glare by up to 86%, improving productivity and reducing discomfort and eye strain.

Desks, computer cables and personal belongings can make even the most modern of buildings appear untidy and cluttered.

Solar control film will give an instant and dramatic improvement by providing a uniform appearance.

Solar & UV Protection

Solar & UV Protection

From a domestic conservatory to the biggest commercial building or factory unit, excessive heat from the sun can be a major problem to occupants, leading to discomfort, lethargy and even dangerous levels of heat. Solar films reject up to 79% of the sun’s energy, whilst still allowing clear vision out of a building. Further more, energy costs can be reduced significantly by the reduced requirements of air-conditioning units in the summer and heat-retention in the winter.

With an ever increasing number of pc monitors and television screens, glare is another major problem in the modern world. Installing a solar film can reduce this glare by up to 86%, improving productivity and reducing discomfort and eye strain for users.

Desks, computer cables and personal belongings can make even the most modern of buildings appear untidy and cluttered. A solar control film will give an instant and dramatic improvement by providing a uniform appearance. There are colours available to match any requirement such as striking blue or green and modern silver. Our Neutral range is almost undetectable to passers by and is particularly suited to buildings in historic surroundings.

Solar films significantly reduce the incidence of fading by blocking around 99% of Ultra Violet light which is fading’s main cause. Heat and visible light are also major factors with regard to fading – both of which are reduced by the application of a solar control film.

Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds

Our roller blinds  offer an extensive range of traditional and designer fabrics selected from suppliers throughout the UK and Europe. Many of the fabrics are flame retardant including ranges with solar protective coatings to improve solar performance. These are complimented by an extensive range of quality flame retardant and black-out fabrics.

Available in both light-weight and heavy-duty systems our Roller blinds are suitable for the majority of domestic and commercial applications. The Standard Roller Blind is manufactured using a 32mm diameter aluminium tube which is available with either the popular endless cord or the conventional spring system. For larger Roller blinds or when using heavier fabric we recommend the heavy-duty system 45, this can lift up to 10kg (24lb).

The endless cord control overcomes many of the problems associated with more complex mechanisms. The anti-crash device, a great improvement on ratchet or clutch systems, uses a spiral wound spring that locks the blind into position as soon as the control chain is released. Where it is deemed more suitable a spring unit is also available for system 32 applications.

We offer eight styles of trims – Classic, Colonial, Provence, Castile, Temple, Crest, Arches and Eyelets, complimented by a vast selection of poles, finials and pulls. Ten types of braid in co-ordinating colours are used to enhance the finish of the blinds.

The Lightshield Cassette Roller Blind System has been designed to suit many different applications related to room darkening, especially where VDU and AV are in operation. The cassette system comes complete with integral headbox and side channels to provide the ideal solution for room darkening.

Pleated Blinds

Pleated Blinds

The Pleated textile blind is the modern way to keep the sun and heat at bay. It is suitable for all kinds of windows in either the home or the office but has been designed more specifically for the modern conservatory.

There are two styles that are generally regarded as the mainstay of the product: they are the free hanging style for vertical windows and the ever popular skylight version for roof windows.

Our Pleated Blinds are manufactured using the reliable Masterpleat system which controls the shape of the blind and ensures that the pleats are equally spaced throughout the blind. The option is also available for a no-hole Pleated blind, this through a range of honeycomb fabrics that hold the filo within the centre of the honeycomb leaving no visible spots of light.

The fabric is folded into pleats and is manufactured from high quality polyester. The performance of fabrics used is gaining in importance, as their use in the home and industry is becoming more widespread. With this in mind, our Collection is represented by a large range of fabrics with a solar protective coating providing higher standards of solar and optical performance.

The choice of fabrics is comprehensive and our range includes solid colours in soft pastels and mid tones alongside classical and contemporary designs.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are the classic choice when it comes to creating an elegant look without breaking the bank.

Easy to use and versatile, vertical blinds can be drawn neatly back to the side to offer you unlimited views, or the louvers can be rotated through 180 degrees to allow just the right amount of light into the room and maintain an element of privacy.

Why not give us a call and have a look at our fantastic range of fabrics.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds


All slats are manufactured from aluminium alloys coated with the highest quality polyester based paint – designed to withstand 500 hours at 100% humidity and tested to withstand both slat spray solution and accelerated weathering.

The cord lock is a crash proof design and of clear durable plastic containing a metal roller over which the cords ride. The floating knurled brass rollers are designed to lock the cord at any length without tearing. A metal cord separator guide prevents the cords from becoming entangled.

Roulett, Continent and Classic Venetian Blinds are selected for their attractive appearance and sturdy, durable qualities. Continent and Classic headrails are the preferred choice when creating that individual look by means of wide woven ladder tapes.

A whole new approach to privacy has been achieved with the 25mm Privacy Blind. This has been designed to ensure that sun-spots on work areas and screens are eliminated and offers improved room darkening performance for use in AV and VDU areas. The Privacy Blind is the ideal solution for working in the home or the office.


Available in a range of stunning designs and attractive colours, the slatting is available in 50mm slats up to 2.74m wide. The finished blind is complimented with matching bottom rail and moulded pelmet that can be supplied with a rebate for fitting outside of the recess.

Original slatting is manufactured from flame retardant synthetic thermoplastic, offering privacy, light control along with a consistent and uniform finish. This revolutionary material is available in a stunning range of 8 elegant wood effect colours, embossed creating a natural timber appearance.

Standard Blinds are supplied with co-ordinating high density braided polyester yarn in a ladder formation. Alternatively, select from a choice of over 25 woven ladder tapes.