Musuem & Fading Window Films

Whether you run a large museum containing priceless works of art, own a shop with a large window-display or have just had a new carpet fitted in your home, the sun plays a huge part in fading. Installing window film could literally save many thousands of pounds by limiting the need for replacement or expensive restoration work.

Although a window film will never completely stop the process of fading, its process can be significantly slowed down.

The best type of film will be one which rejects a high amount of heat and UV. When it is important to maintain maximum visibility through the glass, Dermagard is ideal as it is fully clear, but will filter almost 100% of the UV light.

When heat is a major factor, use our NSN range which gives maximum heat and glare reduction, whilst maintaining high levels of visibility.

We have recently carried out work at Plymouth Museum for this purpose.