Heat Reduction Window Films

From a domestic conservatory to the biggest commercial building or factory unit, excessive heat from the sun can be a major problem to occupants, leading to discomfort, lethargy and even dangerous levels of heat. Solar films reject up to 79% of the sun’s energy, whilst still allowing clear vision out of a building. Furthermore, energy costs can be reduced significantly by the reduced requirements of air-conditioning units in the summer and heat-retention in the winter.

There are colours available to match any requirement such as striking blue or green and modern silver. Our Neutral range is almost undetectable to passers by and is particularly suited to buildings in historic surroundings. Solar films significantly reduce the incidence of fading by blocking around 99% of Ultra Violet light which is fading’s main cause. Heat and visible light are also major factors with regard to fading – both of which are reduced by the application of a solar control film.