Manifestation and Logos

On glass designs can make spectacular interior design impression, or simply fulfil essential legal obligations.

It’s far too easy to walk straight into floor to ceiling panes of glass mistaking them for open spaces; we do it far too often ourselves!

Manifestations are small markings added to the glass that makes it easier to spot; they’re a legal requirement now with strictly laid down rules and regulations from the Glass and Glazing Federation to ensure health and safety requirements are met.

Typically two rows of dots are used horizontally along the glass, however there is lots of room for variation and many high end interior designers now opt for elaborate glass etchings and designs or company logos on their glass walls for subtle effects and solid branding.

We can advise you fully on your legal requirements for manifestations and offer you a very quick and simple solution by using frosted film instead of costly sandblasting or etching; carefully shaped and cut films can incorporate all kinds of designs or logo representations, and we’ll ensure they’re applied cleanly, professionally and fully satisfying legal requirements for glass marking.

No matter what your requirements for manifestations or on glass logos put it in the hands of the experts at Sunshield Installations today to speak to one of our knowledgeable team and arrange a full survey and quotation.

We have recently carried out work for the National Trust where they required new Logos for some of the Trust Properties.