Bomb Blast Window Films

Bomb Blast Protection for Buildings

Providing complete protection for a building and its occupants from bomb blasts is not possible, but by assessing the risks and specifying solutions, such as bomb blast window film, damage and injury can be minimised.

Protecting staff and visitors should always be the highest concern for any company.

Bomb Blast Protection for Windows

Regardless of building construction and other bomb blast protection measures, glazing is often the weakest factor and greatest cause of injury.

Modern buildings have large windows to maximise natural light, but up to 90%  injuries are caused by flying glass. Bomb blast protection window film is the most cost-effective ‘quick win’ solution for reducing injuries.

Protecting the Building Structure from a Bomb Blast

Modern buildings are designed to be exceptionally strong, and those identified as high risk will ideally incorporate bomb blast protection measures when built.

Although a high risk building may be designed to include bomb blast protection, neighbouring lower risk buildings could still suffer bomb blast damage.