Safety Window Films

Sunshield Installations supply and install all grades of safety window films to your existing glass. Unsafe glass can be fragile and potentially dangerous material.

If glass is broken, the sharp shards of glass can cause serious injury. Safety window films can help to minimise this risk. It is a legal safety requirement that certain areas of public buildings, including the workplace and schools, must meet a minimum safety standard. These are known as Critical Locations.

If your windows and doors are not made from laminated or toughened glass, it either needs to be replaced or it needs to have one of our safety window films applied. Having window films applied is much cheaper and faster than replacement glass. Once professionally installed by our trained fitters, the safety window film uprades the glass to BS EN 12600 – previously BS6206.

Critical Locations

Critical Locations that need to have a safety window film applied are any glass in doors or side panels up to 1500mm from the floor and any other low level glass that fall within 800mm from the floor. If any part of the glass falls within these areas, window film needs to be applied to the whole of the pane.